Pass the Mic Investment


It is our turn to "pass the mic" and equip the SHONA Congo women to tell their own stories in a whole new way. 

Funds donated here will be used to help start Congo Voices, a video Channel where Mapendo, Argentine, Riziki and Solange will add their own voices to our global conversations.  We need equipment for Canada and Congo. We need editing software and time.   Consider how much work goes into making a documentary, and then imagine that we dream of empowering the SHONA Congo women to document their own lives and share their own perspectives, in an ongoing basis.  It is a big dream.  But one worth chasing.

Your gift here will help us with start-up funds to get this dream going in the crucial weeks before Argentine and Mapendo are resettled to Canada.  You can also support the channel by becoming a monthly sponsor here.  

Thank you for believing in our dream.  Our goal is that ultimately this video channel will empower all 4 women to share their own voices and help add to a more nuanced and informed discussion about the challenges facing women in Congo and women across the globe.

At the same time we believe that your investment in this video channel now will ultimately help to make SHONA Congo a more sustainable business to support the women as they go forward.  THE SHONA CONGO women will continue to receive 100% of the profit from all SHONA COngo sales.