Holiday Gift to Mapendo's mother in Congo


Photo of Mapendo

This gift will be sent to Mapendo's mother to pay for her medicine and surgery.  Mapendo's mother has been ill for several months.  She has been hospitalized in Goma, For a while it was unclear if her mother would make it through the crisis, breaking Mapendo's heart.  Since fleeing Congo, Mapendo's husband has lost both of his own own parents, and Mapendo's father died when she was young.  Mapendo desperately wants to be able to take care of her mother, from afar, and knows that conditions are very difficult for her family, with few resources, and escalating insecurity in their home village.  Several of her relatives have been killed due to the insecurity this past year, and other family members have fled to the refugee camps.  Still her mother remains in Goma, because of her medical condition, awaiting funds to pay for surgery.  Your gift will be a relief to their family, and help pay for surgery for this beloved mother.