Pass The Mic

The problem: In this crazy diverse and beautiful world, we often hear the same stories, from the same points of view.  Over and over again.  Let's change that.

Goal:  We are creating a video channel where 4 women from Congo will share with you their lives... from their unique perspective.  
How you can participate:  
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Why is this so important?
*10.8 % of the world's population lives in extreme poverty, under $1.90 a day (World Bank)
*There are 22.5 million refugees in the world. (UNHCR
*There are still 31 million girls of primary school age who are out of school (Unesco

We can continue to work to fix these numbers, but solutions can't only come from outside.  We need to create new ways to use technology to truly listen to the voices of those who are living through these realities and to make those voices equal participants in our global conversations.

 Argentine, Mapendo, Riziki and Solange know what it means to be refugees, to live in extreme poverty, to never go to school.  We need their voices, and because of the SHONA Congo community that we have built, and Mapendo and Argentine's resettlement to Canada we have an incredibly unique opportunity to bring their voices to a larger community.  

What will this look like?  

This channel will follow the journeys of the 4 SHONA Congo women.  Riziki and Solange are in Goma, Congo.  Mapendo and Argentine are refugees in a nearby country, soon to be resettled to Canada.  

Imagine a place where you can 
Watch  as 9 Congolese refugees arrive in an airport in Canada for the first time
Follow their journeys in Canada, from their own perspective
learn about Congolese culture & customs from within
see how to cook favorite Congolese dishes
hear beautiful Congolese songs sung from the heart.
Take a tour of a Congolese Market
Pick cloth, and watch it being sewn into a dress
Hear and see what it is like to grow up in Eastern Congo

Their laughter and courage are going to blow you away. Their stories will break your heart and inspire you.

 Many of you, our SHONA Congo Friends, know us from our website.  You have bought the bags these women sew.  And on Facebook you have followed their stories.  It has been an incredible journey and we are infinitely thankful for all of you who have walked with us.

But we have always faced a limitation.  I have always been telling their stories for them, in my voice.   Now we have the chance of a lifetime to bring these voices to you directly, and by subscribing to us on Patreon you will be helping to put a mic in these amazing women's hands and carry their voices forward. 


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