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It has been a preposterous journey from the start. 

 4 women from Eastern Congo, with crutches under their arms and babies on their backs.   Carrying sewing machines as they fled from war to refugee camps. 



 Join us for the next step in an unbelievable journey.

On December 7th, Argentine & Mapendo will arrive in Canada!  They need your help to build this next part of their lives.


Help us build CONGO Voices, a video channel where Argentine and Mapendo, along with Riziki and Solange, will share with you their lives... from their own perspective. 

The videos will be freely accessible to the public on our website and on You Tube and Facebook, because we see this as an opportunity to broaden perspectives and add fresh voices to our global conversations.  But we need your help behind the scenes.  Please consider funding this project and putting equipment in our hands, so that we can share these inspiring voices.  They have much to teach us all. 


Visit our Patreon to see what we are building and sponsor our work.

Or make a donation to help with start-up costs.

(smartphones, video stabilizer, microphones, video editing software)

And of course buy a handcrafted SHONA Bag and share the story!



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