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  Carry our handcrafted bags, read our unforgettable new book, and join our community.

"The quality of the sewing and the determination and love of the four seamstresses can not be matched."


"These ladies are a testament to resiliency and the human soul. You can’t help but be inspired.."


"I haven't been so moved by a book in years ! This is a must read."                        


What is possible.

This video reminds us of all that is possible. This is Argentine, Aline, Neema and Ziada singing with the Northern Lights Spiritus Singers at a holiday concert in their community in Canada. The choir asked Argentine to teach them a song in Swahili, creating this beautiful moment of community and sharing.

The chorus of the song repeats "We say thank you. We say thank you. We say thank you, my God."

We are 5 women.

We met in Congo over 10 years ago, and formed SHONA Congo. Since then, there has been war, refugee camps, motherhood and so much more. Thank you for joining our journey. Together we are SHONA Congo.

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